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Decoration, a world of secrets, surrounded by many different tastes, related to colors, materials, fabrics, the method of organization and arrangement, and whatever the luxury of the house or the place in which

the private decoration is intended to be organized, the touch of decoration remains the basic touch that greatly affects the general appearance of the place, so either leave it Decoration is more beautiful, or it will increase its distaste, and make it look unorganized and unbeautiful. Not everyone possesses the talent of organizing decoration, creating special shapes and models in it, and fortunately, there are people who specialize in decoration work, coordinating colors together, and are able to design interior and exterior decorations with full perfection, but it is not wrong to know some general rules for decoration, to apply them at home And the office, and the workplace, and the garden, knowing that simplicity is the basis of beauty, and it is never necessary to use luxurious pieces to obtain a beautiful decoration.

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